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5 Biggest Islands in Seychelles

If you’re in the market for an exotic island paradise with exceptional beaches, rare fish and coral species, eclectic local culture and an abundance of natural beauty, then Seychelles is for you. Registered as one of the smallest countries worldwide, Seychelles consistently exceeds all expectations of holidaymakers by providing excitement and adventure in a setting that is almost too beautiful to be genuine.

Out of the 115 islands that make up Seychelles, very few are currently inhabited, with most declared as nature reserves. Mahe is – by far – the biggest island at 59.58 square mi. Situated in the northeast of Seychelles, Mahe is home to several iconic locations. These include the capital city of Victoria, Seychelles International Airport and the University of Seychelles, and what better way to explore than by renting a car in Mahe and touring at your own pace.

With an estimated 86% of Seychelles’ population residing in Mahe, this island is arguably the business hub of this small, but proud, country. The island boasts many activities guaranteed to deliver once in a lifetime experiences. From hiking the popular Copolia Trail in the Morne Seychellois National Park, spending the day cruising the Victoria Market or visiting the Sainte Anne Marine National Park, you will have plenty to keep you occupied in between beach hopping.

Praslin is the second-largest island at 14.67 square mi. Don’t let its smaller size deceive you, as this island has the population of a small European town and boasts plenty to see and experience, so make sure to hire a car in Praslin to discover every bit of it. A wildly popular tourist destination, Praslin offers stunning shores, rich wildlife for the nature-loving traveller, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Garden of Eden” that is home to 4000 of the rare Coco de Mer tree.

Silhouette, the third biggest island at 7.76 square mi, has roughly 200 residents who are largely workers on the island. Perfect for rare bird watching, the island is home to the Hilton Hotel, and boasts some of the most incredible flora and fauna species in the country, making this small island well worth a visit.

Assumption, situated southwest of Mahe, is the fourth-largest at 4.48 square mi. Discovered in 1756, the island was named for the religious feast of the next day. Today, the island is home to the air and navy base and has regularly held the title of “the best beach in the world”. La Digue is the fifth-largest island at 3.86 square mi, the third most populated at 2800 people, and only accessible via ferry – typically from Praslin. Visitors to this small paradise can easily travel on bike or foot and explore the iconic beaches of Anse Source d’Argent and Grand Anse or try the unique mix of international cuisines.

From hiking the summits in stunning national parks to sighting rare birds or simply enjoying the sun and shore, Seychelles provides the ultimate fantasy island experience that is not to be missed. Kreol Services provides easy and secure car rentals on Mahe and Praslin to get you wherever you want to be. Contact us today, and let’s get you exploring.

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