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Boat Excursions in Seychelles

With its scenic beaches, it is no surprise that boat excursions are a popular activity for holiday sight-seeing in the Seychelles. This archipelagic Country hosts 115 islands, meaning there is no shortage of places to visit. Renting a car in Mahe or Renting a car in Praslin makes it convenient to visit the attractions within these popular islands. However, you can also look into the wonderful offers of boat excursions to fully appreciate all that Seychelles has to offer.

When it comes to Praslin, there are many excursions to choose from for any budget. The Swell Boat Charter is a three-island visit during the day to Cousin Island, Curieuse Island, and St. Peter Island. This tour features the famous nature reserves of Seychelles. It is an absolute must for bird lovers. St Peter Island offers snorkelling opportunities where you can discover the unique marine life of the islands.

The Grande Soeur Private Island welcomes visitors with a boat excursion on the weekends. It is managed by Le Chateau de Feuilles Hotel. This exclusive island allows you to enjoy one of Seychelle’s most pristine and exquisite beaches. With its crystalline coast and clear waters, there is prolific sea-life snorkelling opportunities. You will also be able to interact with giant tortoises roaming the island.

In Mahe, you can enjoy the Teddy’s Glass Bottom Boat. It offers a day trip to St. Anne Island Marine Park. This marine park comprises of six islands and is home to inviting, turquoise waters for snorkelling. The trip includes a BBQ lunch and several snorkelling stops.

The prices of these excursions vary, but almost all of them include transportation, lunch, and snorkelling opportunities. Overall, it is estimated that you will spend at least 100 US dollars per person a day when you stay at the Seychelles. This expense includes accommodation, food, transportation, and tourism. With boat excursions, you will have a memorable stay whilst visiting many of the picturesque islands. You can also look at how the Rupee of the Seychelles compares to other currencies. For affordable transportation, Kreol Services offers Car Hire in Mahe and Praslin.

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