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Seychelles Currency, How Does It Compare?

Seychelles is a picturesque holiday destination known for its exquisite beaches and wildlife. Any holiday requires an extensive amount of planning to organise a smooth and pleasant stay. When thinking about the Seychelles as a destination, you might be wondering how much you’re looking at spending for a worthwhile holiday. Luckily, the Seychelles can be a beloved destination for budgeters or spenders alike, and no matter where you fall on the scale, you can be guaranteed a wonderful and memorable holiday at this magnificent destination.

The Rupee is the official currency of the Seychelles. The Rupee uses the symbols SR, SCR, and SRe. By 1991, it was estimated that the leading source of tourists were from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and South Africa. No matter where you are travelling from, you might be wondering how much to budget.

1 US Dollar converts to about 21,19 Rupees.
1 Euro converts to about 24,97 Rupees.
1 South African Rand converts to about 1,41 Rupees.
1 Great British Pound converts to about 29,18 Rupees.

Overall, it is estimated that you will spend at least 100 US dollars a day when you stay at the Seychelles. This expense includes accommodation, food, transportation, and tourism. For affordable transportation, make sure to invest in a car rental in Praslin or Mahe. Depending on your requirements, our car rentals at Kreol Services range from €30 per day to €75 per day and we also offer third party insurance as well as free delivery to the hotel, jetty, or airport of your choosing. In most cases, a rented car in Seychelles works out to be a much more affordable option than using a taxi service. Renting a car will also give you the freedom to explore all your favourite sites safely and at leisure.

You can acquaint yourself with all the things to do and places to visit in the Seychelles, as well as read up on the Do’s and Dont’s within the country, so that you can pride yourself on being a well-informed and prepared tourist. With luxury resorts, stunning beaches, and many water activities to take part in, it is worthwhile budgeting for a splendid and stress-free holiday. Don’t forget to book your car rental in Praslin or Mahe for an unforgettable stay.

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