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Dos and Don’ts in Seychelles

The opportunity to visit Seychelles comes with the excitement of planning your perfect holiday, be it a family trip, a romantic escape or an adventure with friends. The Seychelles stands for more than just extensive natural beauty and the many attractions which appeal to visitors. There are locals who call this paradise home, and there are dos and don’ts in Seychelles that are definitely worth knowing before you arrive.

There are some things you will not know about the Seychelles until you take the time to find them out. Respecting the native people of the Seychelles, as well as respecting their culture, is an absolute must during your time here. It is important to wear revealing clothes and swim wear only at the beaches and pools, as locals may find this offensive. As a rule, always carry comfortable casual clothes with you that you can change into if needed. As you’ll be swept up in the excitement of adventures and outings during your time here, try to carry small amounts of cash with you as much as possible, and do leave your important travel documents in your holiday resort or car rental wherever possible, to avoid losing them.

Do make informed decisions when booking a car rental for your vacation stay on the Seychelles islands of Mahé or Praslin. At Kreol Cars, we partner with renowned car rental companies to provide our clients with a reliable, high quality car rental service in the Seychelles. Always take the time to understand what is expected from you and what your agreement with a car rental company means – you can benefit from our 5 Key Car Rental Terms Explained here, to understand what renting a car with Kreol Services means for you. Do make the decision to book your car rental with Kreol Services, and save on expensive taxi services as you drive around the Seychelles in style. It is vital that you do familiarize yourself with the Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles.

Although this one seems self-explanatory, you do absolutely have to apply an adequate and potent sunscreen while spending time outdoors in the Seychelles. Keep applying sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you’re spending time at a beach or hiking trail. Another do for your Seychelles stay is to stay clear of feeding any sea or land animals, as this may be harmful to them. In the same breathe, be sure to not pick or damage any plants, as many of the fauna and flora in Seychelles are rare or endemic. As a tourist-friendly country, the Seychelles welcomes you to experience its expansive natural splendour, however littering will not be tolerated and can lead to heavy finesdo not litter, and keep the beaches and attractions of Seychelles as beautiful as you found them.

Unlike many other countries, you should not pick up shells from the beaches here – this is a definite don’t while in Seychelles, as shells often serve as the habitat of the local hermit crabs. You may not collect shells anywhere in Seychelles, from marine parks to nature reserves and beaches. Use this list of Dos and Don’ts in Seychelles discover this destination as a modern, well informed tourist.

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