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Exploring Seychelles Weather: A Monthly Guide

Seychelles, a tropical paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean, is a dream destination for travellers seeking sun-kissed beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant coral reefs. To truly make the most of your Seychelles adventure, it’s crucial to understand the weather patterns that shape this idyllic archipelago.

In this monthly guide, we’ll navigate through the Seychelles climate, highlighting the best times to visit and offering valuable insights for your journey. And what better way to explore this stunning destination than with Kreol Cars, your trusted partner in Seychelles car rentals?

January: The Wettest Month Of The Year With High Humidity Levels

January beckons as one of the best months to escape the European winter and visit Seychelles. Experience high daily temperatures in this tropical haven, ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius (77-86°F). While occasional rain showers, especially in December and January, offer a brief respite, Seychelles swiftly returns to its sunny glory within approximately 30 minutes.

The rainfall, though intense, is short-lived. Opting to travel during this period ensures you revel in the island’s tropical warmth, with light winds and the sun at its zenith. December and January stand out as the wettest months, but with Kreol Cars, your journey through the sunshine becomes a comfortable exploration of Seychelles‘ vibrant landscapes.

February: Very Rainy Months, Afternoon Downpours Expected

The weather in the exotic, peaceful Seychelles islands shows few extremes year-round, but February is among the hottest and wettest months, with high humidity and little wind to cool things down. The odd heavy downpour of rain may mean grey skies periodically, but generally, sunny Seychelles lives up to its reputation, even in the grip of the damp, sweaty north-westerly trade wind season.

March: Temperatures Rise And The Rain Gets Less

March sees the end of the trade winds, far less rainfall, and higher temperatures than in January and February. Conditions for scuba diving and snorkelling are pristine during this month with underwater visibility of up to a staggering 30 meters. One of the highlights of March is to witness the annual turtle hatching season – you can witness them making their mad dash to the ocean.

April – A Tranquil Oasis Amidst Seychelles’ Hottest Months

As Seychelles transitions into the northwest monsoon, April emerges as a serene haven, offering travellers a harmonious blend of slightly warmer temperatures and intermittent short showers. Recognised as the calmest and warmest month of the year, April marks the perfect equilibrium between the dry and wet seasons. This period, spanning from April to November, constitutes Seychelles’ hottest months, characterised by a notable absence of trade winds.

With temperatures hovering around 30-31 degrees Celsius, the lack of wind intensifies the humidity unique to Seychelles, creating an atmosphere where underwater visibility is optimal. The gentle breeze retreats during this time.

May – Beach Bliss and Balmy Nights

Temperatures in May on the island are still very warm, and while it’s a relatively dry month, there are at times bouts of rainfall that are heavy but short. May is a great time to laze on the beach and soak up the sun. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius with highs of 31 degrees Celsius. After dark, temperatures dip to an average low of 25 degrees Celsius, so you’ll be grateful for air conditioning in your hotel at night.

The month of May is considered one of the perfect times to visit the coastal wonder. With its warm breeze and manageable humidity, the climate is ideal for the outdoors. Also important to note that May is the start of summer on the island and the chances of getting a hotel are better. If you would like a beach holiday without the clutter – then this is the perfect time to visit.

June – Ideal Weather for Adventure and Relaxation

As June graces Seychelles with its presence, visitors are treated to an enchanting blend of excellent weather and comfortable temperatures. With temperatures ranging from 25 to 29 degrees Celsius. As the wind gains strength, June becomes an opportune time for sailing and hiking enthusiasts.

Despite being labelled as the winter period in the Southern Hemisphere, Seychelles maintains a level of warmth and comfort, accompanied by relatively low humidity and an abundance of sunny days, making it an ideal destination for a beach holiday.

July – Surf’s Up in Seychelles

The southeast trade winds bring a touch of excitement to Seychelles, making July through September the prime time for surfing. While the seas may be a bit rougher, the islands’ natural beauty remains breathtaking. Explore the stunning beaches of Mahe or La Digue with Kreol Cars, providing reliable vehicles for every adventure.

August – A Balancing Act of Wind, Adventure, and Tropical Warmth

As August unfolds in Seychelles, it emerges as one of the driest and coolest months, presenting a unique character distinct from the rest of the year. With temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius, the weather closely mirrors that of July, albeit with more pronounced winds.

Deep within the clutches of the north-westerly trade wind season, August introduces a dynamic environment for travellers seeking both challenge and tranquillity. The islands become a haven for watersports enthusiasts, with windsurfing, sailing, and jetskiing taking centre stage against the backdrop of robust winds and rough seas. However, for those inclined towards the serenity of diving, snorkelling, and swimming, the conditions pose a formidable challenge.

Despite the wind’s presence, Seychelles remains warm and inviting, especially on north-westerly facing beaches where shelter can be found, ensuring that the breezes do not disrupt the holiday experience. While August boasts the distinction of being the driest time of the year, the unpredictable nature of tropical precipitation looms, with rain threatening to make an appearance after dark. Navigating the delicate balance of wind, adventure, and tropical warmth, August in Seychelles is a unique and unforgettable experience for the adventurous traveller.

September – Embracing Seychelles’ Sun-soaked Tranquility

In September, Seychelles experience minimal rainfall and a gentle rise in temperatures as it approaches the onset of the rainy season. This period is ideal for those seeking a sun-soaked getaway, perfect for sunbathing or taking a refreshing dip in the turquoise-hued ocean waters.

The weather in Seychelles during September is characterised by warmth and a pleasant balminess. On rainy days, the humidity increases, accompanied by more frequent south-east trade winds near the coast. Despite the possibility of rain towards the end of the month, the skies remain generally clear. Wind incidents gradually diminish, making the overall weather quite enjoyable.

October – Seychelles Bloom and Festivities

As the year winds down, Seychelles experiences another transition, marked by the onset of the northwest monsoon. The islands burst into bloom, creating a picturesque setting for travellers seeking a tranquil escape. December brings the festive season, with vibrant celebrations across the archipelago. Cruise from one festive event to another with Kreol Cars, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the Seychellois joy.

November – Embracing Summer’s Arrival in Seychelles

Welcome to the official onset of summer in Seychelles as November unfolds its warmth and tropical allure. The temperatures begin their ascent, ranging from 24 to 31 degrees Celsius, marking the transition into a season of sunshine and exploration. While the northwest trade winds kick in, accompanied by the occasional rainfall, the east side of the islands offers a more sheltered haven for those seeking a quieter and less crowded island retreat.

November, despite its humidity, brings perfectly pleasant temperatures. As summer takes hold, the ocean becomes calm, inviting sunbathers to bask in the warmth and nature enthusiasts to delve into the rich flora and fauna.

Although November introduces wetter conditions with increased humidity, Seychelles maintains its sunny and warm disposition, with short, heavy showers interspersed with the comforting touch of sea breezes. The tropical rain, a brief respite from the heat, graciously falls mostly at night. November, with its tropical mix of showers and sunshine, invites you to experience Seychelles in all its splendour before the winds of change ushering in December’s rains.

December:  Wet Month With Lush Green Vegetation

December in Seychelles is the rainy season, the showers are short and the sun does come out for reasonably long periods. So, despite the increased rains and wet weather in December, you are going to enjoy a lot of warm, sunny days and pleasant light winds with a clear blue sky and lush greenery. December provides favourable conditions for peaceful sailing and cruising.

Birding is exciting during December as a lot of rare seabirds can be spotted during the northwest monsoon.

Seychelles Weather: A Monthly Guide

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