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Is Seychelles safe?

Visitors from across the world visit the African tropical island, Seychelles, throughout the year. The Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean at the edge of the Somali Sea. For anyone wishing to travel, safety is a major concern when picking a destination. This picturesque island comes close to paradise, but there may be a few things to bear in mind even for the most carefree of travellers.

As a popular tourist destination, petty crime and robberies can occur. It is best to keep your valuables, important documents, and extra money in your hotel/ place of stay. Taking out a rental vehicle is a popular option for planning your trip. When it comes to renting a car with Kreol Services, a third party insurance is automatically included in all our Seychelles, Praslin, and Mahe car hires, meaning that you don’t have to worry about an accident or stolen vehicle occurring. We offer many insurance packages that you can read up on in more detail. You can also check out 5 rental terms explained here for more information.

Another scary prospect is the presence of Somali pirates. Piracy has been known to take place, but there are usually designated high-risk areas to stay clear of. It is not a huge consideration but something you might want to look into if you are a fan of yachts or fishing.

When it comes to health, Seychelles has been operating under strict Covid-19 regulations, and its Vallee de Mai has recently reopened. Tourists are able to visit after making a booking. Mosquitoes are a common insect around the island, so the family might want to invest in some form of pest control. Although Malaria is not found in Seychelles, other serious mosquito-borne diseases such as Chikungunya and Dengue are prevalent. To be safe, you should stick to drinking boiled or purified water.

Just like any destination, Seychelles may come with a few considerations to take into account when it comes to safety. However, this beautiful and picturesque destination remains popular for honeymooners and families. When booking your holiday in these islands, you should acquaint yourself with the Do’s and Dont’s of Seychelles, and everything there is to do here. Kreol services provides reliable rental vehicles that are delivered to the airport, hotel, or jetty of your choosing, making your holiday stress-free and allowing all your go-to destinations that much easier to reach.

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