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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

We will deliver your car to the Airport, Hotel or Jetty

Experiencing the wonders and vast beauty of Seychelles should be a relaxing, memorable experience, while this tropical island destination is unlike any other. At Kreol Services, we go the extra mile to provide visitors with a convenient, time saving Seychelles car rental solution. We will deliver your car to the Airport, Hotel or Jetty of your choosing, and offer our clients an extensive range of pick up and drop off locations in both Mahé and Praslin.

From Praslin’s exquisite Anse Lazio Beach and enchanting Vallee de Mai National Park to the popular and welcoming Eden Island on Mahé Island, there are endless attractions to delight in while vacationing in Seychelles. A gorgeous array of hotels offer visitors from near and far an unforgettable stay, with all the glamour and coastal lure one could imagine. Hiring a car in Mahé or Praslin can complete your holiday stay and also allows you the freedom to explore and have adventures while on holiday. The cost of renting a car in Seychelles is relatively low, and at Kreol Services the cars that are on our fleet are of the highest quality – we’ve partnered with a selection of the countries most esteemed car rental companies to only offer reliable vehicles to our valued clients. Additionally, we will deliver your car to an Airport, Hotel or Jetty, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary stress.

With so much to see and discover during your stay in either Mahé or Praslin, a car rental gives you the ability to plan your holiday schedule at your own pace, without worrying about missing busses or hailing expensive taxis that are often unreliable. You’ll quickly become used to the Road Rules and Speed Limits in Seychelles, which are reasonable. As long as you have a valid driver’s licence from your home country, the process of renting a car in Seychelles through Kreol Cars is straightforward and quick, while we also allow for a free second driver, which means that the responsibility of driving is split up and everyone can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

As part of our Seychelles Car Rental service, our friendly Kreol Services team are not only able to deliver your car to the Airport, Hotel or Jetty required, but can also collect your rented vehicle once you’re done using it. The extras we offer at Kreol Services include unlimited mileage, 24/7 roadside assistance and fully comprehensive insurance for all our vehicles. Your holiday stay in Seychelles, regardless of the time of year, offers so much to enjoy, while there are so many memories waiting to be made. Spend time at the famous Takamaka Distillery in Mahé, or soak up the sunshine and relax at Anse Georgette Beach in Praslin.

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