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Traffic Offences in Seychelles

With a reputation as a tranquil tropical paradise, Seychelles has several strict road rules in place to protect locals and visitors. As a traveller exploring new territory, you can go about your travel in safety due to a low crime rate, a controlled environment and hefty punishments for traffic offences. To help you along, we’ve put together a helpful guide on the most common traffic offences to avoid.

Road rules are something Seychelles authorities take seriously. With strict regulations on appropriate documentation, licensed vehicles and vehicle owners, there is little drivers can do to avoid the repercussions faced by traffic violations. Drivers found without valid documentation or a relevant license can expect SCR5000 in fines and even face up to two years of imprisonment! Although this applies primarily to local drivers, we strongly advise visitors to toe the line and ensure all documentation is in order.

As a foreigner exploring this tropical paradise, it can be easy to let go of safe driving etiquette, especially with the surrounding beauty luring you into snapping a few quick pics. However, using your cell phone while driving can land you in a lot of trouble. From snapping a pic to answering a call or even changing the song, a fine of SCR1000 will be your only souvenir. Keep your hands on the wheel, create an awesome playlist beforehand, and remember to keep your music slightly down.

When it comes to parking in Seychelles, things can get somewhat tricky. The already limited space can feel much more constricting during the peak holiday season – simply parking on a curb can set you back SCR500. Between clamping, towing and expensive fines, stick to designated spots or ask a friendly local if you’re unsure.

Lastly, while drunk driving is a universal taboo, in Seychelles, a SCR10 000 fine and possible imprisonment await you, excluding any damage caused by any altercations. If you’ve had one too many cocktails, Mahé has some incredible shuttle services in the works and affordable public transport. Alternatively, Seychelles boasts its version of Uber, Bouzay, which can help you get around no matter how good the party was.

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