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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

The cost of renting a car in Seychelles

Modern and discerning travellers exploring Seychelles are known to do so by rental car, given the vast natural beauty and various attractions just waiting to be discovered. Seychelles is a breathtaking archipelagic island country consisting of more than 100 islands, the most popular of which are considered to be Praslin and Mahé. By driving in Seychelles, you’re able to appreciate the seemingly endless beauty of the expansive ocean, lush green forests and white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees and granite boulders.

At Kreol Services, we work closely with leading car rental companies in the country to ensure the most dependable and cost effective car hire service in Seychelles. There are a few factors to consider when comparing a car rental VS a taxi service in Seychelles, such as value for money. The price of fuel in Seychelles is relatively low when compared to other island holiday destinations, at 18.76 in Seychelles Rupees (0.73 euros per litre). Other costs to take into consideration when hiring a car in Praslin or Mahé include insurance – at Kreol Services, 3rd party insurance forms part of your Seychelles car rental, and we will always disclose any additional fees with you upfront. We offer extra options for reduced liability, a glass and tyre waiver and additional insurance packages, which we’ll be happy to discuss with you in more detail.

In most cases, a rented car in Seychelles works out to be a much more affordable than embarking on numerous holiday adventures using a taxi service. You will also be able to relax and make spur of the moment plans to extend your time at certain attractions, with the flexibility and freedom that hiring a car in Mahé or Praslin presents you. Our Kreol Services range of cars start from smaller cars ideal for couples or a few friends, and then extend to larger cars that are perfect for families. Depending on your requirements, our rental cars in Seychelles range from €30 per day to €75 per day and we also offer our clients free collection and delivery, saving you more.

Your vacation in Seychelles should be filled with wonderful moments and experiences, and if planned properly, can end up costing you much less than you thought. From luxury all-inclusive resorts along the oceanfront to amazing local cuisines and striking natural locations and attractions, you will want to make every minute count. Don’t miss Eden Island during your stay, and drive to and from exquisite beaches like Beau-Vallon Beach in Mahé and Anse Lazio Beach in Praslin. We offer the best deals on high quality cars for hire in Praslin, Mahé and Seychelles.

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