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Rent A Car On Mahe & Praslin, Seychelles

Can I rent a car for someone else?

One question frequently asked by those planning their trip to Seychelles is whether or not they can rent a car for someone else. At Kreol Services, we offer a reputable car rental service in Seychelles that is affordable as well as transparent, aimed at making your holiday planning as simple as possible. Our fleet of cars are all well maintained, clean and reliable, while we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate our clients.

Simply put, we will only allow you to rent a car for someone else in Seychelles if you are also accompanying them on their trip, and will then be present as either the primary or second driver when the car rental is delivered. As long as the person who is driving the vehicle has a licence from their home country and is listed as the primary or additional driver, everything works out and you can enjoy your Seychelles stay with a car hire for Mahé or Praslin adventures and discoveries. Our fleet of cars are suited to the needs of travellers who want to truly experience the best of Seychelles, whether their vacation is one of relaxation and beach bliss or filled with action and excitement. Drive your way from one outing to the next during your Seychelles stay!

When renting a car in Seychelles with Kreol Services, you are not limited to how much mileage you can add or where you can go. The islands of Mahé and Praslin are your playgrounds, with extensive beauty and no shortage of attractions. Driving in Seychelles is an adventure in itself, where you are in full control and have no time limits. Our clients are always delighted by how easy it is to book a car with Kreol Services, understanding that as much as we would like to extend every benefit of the doubt to allow them to rent a car for someone else, we choose to follow guidelines for their safety and security above anything else. If you are not sure what you will need when renting a car in Seychelles, get in touch with us and we will gladly break it down for you.

If you’re still planning your vacation, consider your road trip packing list for Seychelles and make sure to include all the essentials. As for your holiday itinerary, you’ll likely want to fit in as much as possible while still taking the time to calm down and appreciate the gorgeous Seychelles. Some of the attractions we always recommend to our clients include Praslin’s Vallee De Mai National Park and Anse Lazio Beach, as well as Eden Island and the Takamaka Distillery in Mahé.

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